Ok I am happy to be here people and I am willing to help with this wiki! :) So You have seen me active for the pass week and that will happen for a while. I have posted pictures, fixed the wiki up a bit here and there. Like you I am a huge Tai Chi Chasers fan, plus watched all 39 episode (I watched the rest on a website :3). So I will answer any question if you want to know more about the Tai Chi Chasers EP. 27-39 ask me on DeviantARt and maybe here because I will answer them :D Other questions, please ask if you want. ^^ PS I am not a Mishka Fan I like Luka WAY BETTER :3 PSS Don't ask why I made Luka Luna's dad because I didnt know that he was only 24 xD so in my a troy he is maybe 40ish lol but I still stick with the story and keeps him looking young xD