• Rai x Sena
  • Finn x Sena
  • Rai x Phoebe
  • Donha x Jahara
  • Luka x Jahara
  • Laura x Kirva
This is to see who's your favorite couple from Tai Chi Chasers.

You can pick from:

  1. Rai x Sena
  2. Finn x Sena
  3. Tori x Sena
  4. Donha x Sena
  5. Rai x Hannah
  6. Tori x Hannah
  7. Luka x Jahara
  8. Donha x Jahara
  9. Finn x Phoebe
  10. Rai x Phoebe
  11. Jakata x Phoebe
  12. Laura (Rai's Mom aka Masked Warrior) x Kirva (Rai's Dad aka The guy who wears the mask that help the Dragonoids)

If your selection is not here please tell me nicely.