• Franzyfan1998

    Ok guys We need to give names to the remaining characters. I mean it's hard to edit without their names so I say we name them.

    People to name:

    • Caretaker of house/Old short dude
    • Dragonoid general/ the really tall guy
    • Other dragonoid dude/ The guy that fails a lot
    • Those angel people

    Wow a lot of them are Dragonoids

    Ok so we need to name those guys

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  • Franzyfan1998

    Tai Chi Chasers season 3

    September 14, 2012 by Franzyfan1998

    So i was thinking about the chances of season 3 coming out. and the chances don't look very good. So i was thinking that we should have a time limit. like if season 3 doesn't get announced by January we should just go ahead and post the information on the episodes on the wiki. What do you guys think?

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