Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day. Shun Kazami walked to the fountain with his friends Dan and Marucho. They were talking about how much fun Bakugan Interspace was and how much fun they were going to have the next day. But for shun this day would be his last day to be with his friends because the next day he would have to start packing up his things and go to Alfea college where he was accepted in. He wanted to tell his friends about the move right now. Just thinking about it brought tears in his eyes. Marucho noticed these tears and looked at Shun concerned.

"Shun are you okay," he asked worried.

"No. Guys I want to tell you something," Shun said as he sat down on the bench.

"What is it," Dan asked as the pair sat down on the opposite sides of Shun.

"I'm not going to come to Bakugan Interspace tomorrow," Shun said getting ready to explain.

"But why," Drago asked as he hopped on Dan's shoulder.

"I have to pack up my things and go to Alfeacollege. You see I applied to go there because I have some thing to take care and well I got accepted and now I have to move into a dormitory there. I'm really sorry for not telling you guys," Shun said worried. Immediately Dan slapped him across the face making Shun cry.

"What was that for," Shun asked shocked.

"Go to Alfea College. You should've told us before. Once you're gone we'll find a replacement for your place in the group," Dan yelled as he left with Marucho behind him.

Those words hurt Shun the most and he left crying. During the rest of the week Shun packed up his things and said his goodbyes. When the leaving day came Shun got to the airport to notice Marucho, Rafe, Paige, Team Sellon and Team Anubias waiting for him.

"What are you guys doing here,' Shun asked surprised.

"We wanted to give you these before you left for the next 4 years," Marucho said as every single person gave Shun a gift.

"We felt bad after we heard Dan yell at you. You'll always be our friend and we'll never replace you on the team even after you leave today," Rafe said as Shun tried to put the presents in his suitcase.

What about the rest of you," Shun asked as he looked at Team Anubias and Team Sellon. He knew the teams very well and he secretly got along with them without his friends knowing.

"We wanted to wish you good luck and to say you were a great friend," Soon from Team Sellon said smiling.

"Thank you and I promise I'll write whenever I can," Shun said with happy tears in his eyes.

"Good luck to you Shun and be careful," Anubias said as he shook Shun's hand.

"I shall," Shun said smiling.

With that Shun got on the plane and waved goodbye to his old friends knowing they'll meet again someday.

Chapter 2

Once the tour of Alfea was done Shun went to look for his apartment. When he finally found it he noticed that there were 4 other names under his. Those names were Finn, Luka, Sena and Galetea. Knowing that those people were his new roommates Shun went inside to hear beautiful singing from one of the rooms. Immediately he quietly opened the door to hear a boy at his age singing from a packet that must've been lyrics from a song with a girl. Sadly the boy heard the door opening and turned to see Shun.

"You don't have to hide. Come on in. I'm Finn and this is Sena. What's yours," the boy said as Shun came in nervous. Curiously Shun looked at the boy's beauty. The boy had long navy blue hair and dark blue eyes. The girl had long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

"My name is Shun. Your singing is really good and so is that song. Which one of you wrote it," Shun asked happily knowing that he would get along with them easily.

"I wrote it," another voice said behind Shun making him jump startled. Behind him was another boy with long light blue hair and silvery eyes. Once he saw him Shun thanked god for his long hair that grew faster than expected to.

"Luka don't scare him," Sena said as she gave him scowl.

"I can't help it. My names Luka and you must be Shun," Luka said as they shook hands.

"Yep that's me. That song you wrote is really good with their singing," Shun said as he looked him.

"Aw. Thanks," Luka replied with a smile as another girl came in the room.

"Hi I'm Galetea. You guys must be Shun, Finn, Sena and Luka," the girl said in a British accent.

"You're absolutely correct," Shun said thanking himself for strangely getting a British accent a few years ago.

I think I'm in love

"So there's 3 rooms Sena and I have this one and Luka has the other one. I'm guessing you guys will have to bunk together," Finn said as he picked up a comb and brushed his long hair.

"I have a lot of things to do whenever I'm alone," Luka said as Shun put his suitcase on one of the beds in the last room with Galetea.

"Fine with us," Shun said as he put a photo frame on his dresser. Soon the door opened and Ms. Faragonda came in holding a box.

'Students may I speak with you for a moment," Ms. Faragonda asked hoping the students would understand.

"Is something wrong," Sena asked worried.

"No nothings wrong but I need to tell you why I put you together in the first place. You see you all are part of an ancient prophecy that endangers the entire magical dimension. Shun you're the fairy of life. Finn you're the fairy of ice. Galetea you're the fairy of light. Sena you're the fairy of nature and Luka you're the fairy of water. Its really rare for boys to become fairies but that is because that you all are special in a different way. These elements are the ones that protected the magical dimension from the forces of evil long ago. The ancient fairies that possessed those elements then passed them on to their ancestors hoping that one day the elements would come together and save the magical dimension again from evil. They called themselves The Secret Circle. The fairy of life was its leader but there are a few elements missing and one of the elements is a lie. To figure that out you must combine your powers and work together. You'll face some challenges and friendships will be tested. But I know you all can rewrite history again. Now I must give you the ancient badges that were once worn by your ancestors. You're also bonded through your rings," Ms. Fagonda said as she gave them each a badge at a different shape and color.

Shun was shocked. Him the descendent of an ancient leader will have to come with these people he barely knew and work with them to stop evil? This is too much!

I can't do this. I've never been leader before in my life. I don't even know these people. Now I have to work with them to save the magic dimension and I just got my powers. What am I going to do?

"Don't worry Shun. We'll always be by your side and we'll help whatever we can," Finn said as if he read Shun's mind. Finn was wearing a bag that was light blue and shaped like an icicle. He ring was made of pure gold and was diamond shaped and had a light blue diamond shaped jewel on the center. Luka's badge was blue and was shaped like a teardrop and his ring was similar to Finn's but the jewel was blue. Sena's badge was green and was shaped like leaf and her ring was similar to her friends but the jewel was green. Galetea's badge was yellow and shaped like a sun and her ring's jewel was yellow. Shun's badge was purplish-pink and was shaped like a waterlily. He's own ring's jewel was a rainbow color. The badges were worn on the right side of their hair.

"Okay," Shun said smiling as left.

Chapter 3

"Come on guys. Let's walk around the courtyard for little bit and try to get to know each other better," Galetea said as the group walked out of the room.

"Sounds good to me," Sena said they walked outside.

As the group walked around the courtyard they noticed the Winx Club with the guys of Red Fountain. Shun recognized one of the guys and stopped. Finn bumped into him.

"Shun is something wrong," Finn asked noticing Shun's hurt face.

"Yes that boy over there with the ponytail is my older brother," Shun said as he pointed to Helia.

"I know him. He's dating the nature fairy of the Winx Club," Luka said as they watched Helia laugh with his girlfriend.

"Did you also know that he betrayed my family by forgetting about us after he went to Red Fountain," Shun said as his look turned from hurt to anger.

Hearing Shun's voice Helia turned his head to their direction and saw his little brother. He couldn't believe it. He hadn't seen his little brother for 3 years. He left when Shun was 13. Shun's looks had changed and he looked beautiful. Shun was wearing a long-sleeve black coat with green sleeves opened and up to his legs. A nice white shirt, black jeans with a black belt to match and black dress shoes. On his hair he wore a purplish-pink waterlily on the side and he wore it loose. Immediately Helia went over to Shun's direction with his friends following him.

"Helia where are you going," Sky asked confused

"See that boy over there. He's my younger brother Shun. I haven't seen him for 3 years. I can't believe he's here. Shun over here," Helia called as Shun turned to look at him. To Helia's amazement Shun was walking over to him as well.

"Hey Moony. Long time no see," Helia said as he stroked Shun's hair. It was longer than the last time he saw him. Moony was the nickname Helia had given Shun the day before he left to Red Fountain. Immediately Shun slapped Helia's hand away surprising Helia and his friends.

"Do you think that I'll forgive after you left the family 3 years ago Helia. I'm not that same little kid that looked up to you 3 years ago," Shun yelled coming to his senses as tears of anger gathered in his eyes.

"Moony I don't care about you say. You know why because I have my friends to keep me company. By the way how did you get accepted here anyway," Helia yelled with pure anger.

He has changed. But who cares if he hates me. I have Flora to keep me happy.

"I found out that I'm a fairy," Shun screamed as his friends tried to comfort him.

I can't believe he has the nerve not to care about family anymore! Why did he change? Why can't he come to his senses?

"What? I don't believe this! Since Mom approved it I guess you can stay. But if you ever mess with my friends you'll be in big trouble mister," Helia shouted as students turned to look at them.

"Don't tell me what to do! You're not the boss of me," Shun screeched as loud as he could. Immediately Helia slapped Shun so hard that he fell to the ground and stormed off with his friends. Gently Musa and Flora turned their heads to see Shun running away crying while touching the place where Helia slapped him with his friends after him.

"Helia don't you think that was little bit harsh," Timmy asked as they walked to the ship. Helia growled in reply.

At Shun's dorm

Shun ran into his room and sobbed into his pillow. Soon Shun felt a hand stroking his hair and turned his head to see his friends gathered over him looking worried.

"You okay," Sena asked as she stroked Shun's hair.

"I guess," Shun said as he wiped away his tears.

"Shun you have a phone call," Galetea said as she handed Shun his phone. Immediately Shun put phone to his ear.

"Hello," Shun asked as he tried to stop crying.

"Shun sweetie it's mom. told me about what happened between you and Helia. She saw the whole thing. Honey I'm sorry you had a bad first day but it'll get better. I promise," Shiori said from the other line.

'Okay mom. Love you," Shun said as he began to smile.

"Love you too," Shiori said as they both hung up.

"That was your mom," Finn asked surprised.

"Yeah," Shun said as he smiled. Immediately Finn turned away with tears in his eyes.

"You okay Finn," Luka asked as Finn wiped away his tears.

"Yeah I'm sorry but my mom died last week and my sister disappeared. I love my father but I miss them a lot," Finn said as he looked at his locket.

"I miss them too my little precious," a voice said through the doorway. Immediately the group turned around and saw King Valtor (Finn's father), General Aidan (Sena's father), Mr. Phoenix (Shun's stepfather), and King Spellbinder (Luka's father).

Gently King Valtor went to Finn and wrapped him into a hug.

"Finelia my little precious, I'll miss you. Call me every day so I can hear your voice. I don't know what I'll do if I can't hear it," Valtor said as he kissed he son's forehead.

"I promise father," Finn said as he felt the warmth of his father's chest.

"Same for you Sena. I love you and whenever you get sick call me so I can take care of you," General Aidan said worried. He knew Sena was a sickly child and he wanted to be around her whenever she got sick. One day she had gotten really ill while he was at work and he wouldn't forget that day.

Open Flashback

General Aidan spoke at the meeting with the other generals and the elders until his cell phone rang. Immediately he answered.

"Dad Sena's really ill," Asty said worried.

"She was fine when I left," Aidan said surprised since he had checked Sena's temperature earlier and it was normal.

"She collapsed after you left. When she woke up she started coughing really hard. Dad please come home. She needs you," Asty said with Sena's coughing in the background.

"I'll be right there," General Aidan said as he left. Immediately he explained why he was leaving and General Aidan got to Sena's room she was sleeping with a cloth on her forehead. Immediately he went over to her and stroked her hair until she woke up.

"Dad," Sena said weakly as she looked at his worried face.

"It's okay Sena. I'm here," General Aidan said as he kissed her forehead.

"Dad I'm scared," Sena said frightened.

"I'm scared too Angel," General Aidan as he replaced her blanket with a quilt.

"I love you Dad," Sena said as she went to sleep.

"I love you too sweetheart," Aidan said as he hugged her.

End Flashback

"I promise Dad," Sena said as she returned the hug.

Soon after a final reunion the adults left that night making Shun and his friends adventures to begin

Chapter 4

The next day Shun and his friends went to their first period class with was how to control their new powers with Ms. Faragonda as their teacher.

"Okay class for today's lesson we're going to figure out our weaknesses. Finn why don't you tell us what your weakness is," Ms. Faragonda said while pointing at Finn.

I was afraid of that.

"Well in my entire life I was the prince of Gardinia. But recently last week our kingdom was attacked by my father's older brother Lord Darker. It was hard to survive because they looked alike. During the attack I turned into a fairy for the first time out of rage after Lord Darker killed my mother and made my twin sister Brianna disappear. But my new powers weren't strong enough to stop Lord Darkerfrom hurting my people. My father and I were rescued by General Aidan. I was childhood friends with his daughter so I trusted her. She had also realized that she was a fairy so our father sent us here. But there are bad people trying to kill my father because he looks like Lord Darker," Finn said with tears streaming through his cheeks.

Musa gasped when she heard it.

He lost his mom just like me. Maybe I'll talk to him after class.

After class was over Musa grabbed Finn's arm after he went through the door.

"Hey Finn can we talk," Musa asked worried if Finn didn't want to talk about it.

"Can we talk later I'm going to be late for my next class," Finn said he broke out of Musa's grip and left.

After the school day was over Finn went to his room to find Musa waiting for him.

"Okay Musa what do you want," Finn asked as he dropped his bag on his bed.

"I want to talk about your mom," Musa said feeling calm.

"What about her," Finn asked surprised.

"Well I lost my mom too. I was little girl back then. I loved my dad but after mom died he started to not like music," Musa said as she touched his cheek.

"After mother died and Brianna disappeared my father would try so many things to comfort me. Sometimes when I usually fall asleep on the hammock he would carry me to his room and sleep with me. When I got sick he would never leave me out of his sight. I love him but I still miss mom and Brianna. My father says Brianna might be dead but I still think she's alive and looking for us," Finn said with tears in his eyes as he gave Musa a soda. Gently Musa put her arm around him.

"Finn if I were you I would do the same thing," Musa said she wiped away his tears. Soon Shun came in the room holding his flute. Seeing the flute Musa jumped up and went over to Shun.

"Do you play the flute," Musa really excited. Shun smiled.

"Yeah I've been playing for 3 years. Wanna hear something," Shun asked smiling.

"You bet," Musa said and Finn nodded his head in agreement. As he was told Shun played a soft melody to a song from Finn's childhood, making Finn to start singing the lyrics. After they finished Musa , Luka, Sena, and Galetea clapped.

"You know you guys are really good how about playing a concert in Red Fountain," Musa said hoping they'll say yes.

"No way my brother goes there I don't want to see him," Shun yelled while running to his room and slamming the door behind him. Soon Musa went to the door.

"Shun Helia is going to be lost in the crowd. He might get mad but he might realize that he was acting a little stupid. Come on give it a chance," Musa said worried. Immediately the door opened and Shun came out.

"Okay we'll do it at the end of the week," Shun said smiling.

"Yippe," the rest of the group yelled happily.

Chapter 5

Class was over the next day and Finn was in the music room playing the piano. He was playing the song Perfect Harmony until Sena came in. Once Finn noticed Sena he stopped playing.

"No don't stop. Finn that was beautiful," Sena said as she sat down next to him and after Finn started playing again.

Soon Sena began to sing the lyrics and later Finn joined in. They stopped when they looked into each other's eyes. After looking at each other for a few moments they leaned over and kissed each other on the lips with their eyes closed. The kiss lasted for a few seconds and then broke up with the both of them looking at each other blushing.

'That was unexpected but nice," Finn said smiling.

"I agree," Sena said as she put her head on his shoulder.

"Sena I was wondering for the concert in Red Fountian if you and I could sing this song together," Finn asked nervous.

"I'd love too," Sena said as she kissed his cheek.

"Thanks," Finn said as he returned the kiss. Soon they got up and left the room holding hands. Once they got to their room Finn looked at Sena smiling.

"Sena do you think we could be boyfriend and girlfriend," Finn asked hoping no one was there.

"Does this mean a yes," Sena asked and she leaned over to kiss him on the lips again. This time the kiss lasted longer and broke up with Finn hugging Sena close to his chest.

"Yep. Whenever you're sick I'll call your dad and help him take care of you," Finn said as they went to bed at night.

Chapter 6

Finn woke up in the morning hearing coughing. Immediately he got out of bed and put on his robe. Gently he went over to Sena and felt her forehead. He realized that she was getting a burning fever. Quietly Finn shook her awake.

"Finn? What's wrong," Sena asked as she let out another fit of coughing.

'Sena you're burning up. You're getting sick again. Do you want me to call your father," Finn asked worried. Quickly Sena nodded her head. Before leaving Finn kissed her cheek and went to call her father. A few minutes later he came back with General Aidan. Seeing his ill daughter General Aidan rushed toward Sena and wrapped his arms around her.

"My baby. I'm so glad Finn called me about you. Don't you worry you're going to be fine," Aidan said as he hugged her. Hearing that Finn stiffened up a laugh.

"Dad," Sena yelled embarrassed.

'Sorry I can't help it," General Aidan said as he kissed her forehead.

(A few days later)

Sena smiled as she walked with Finn. Her father had taken care of her really well and she managed to recover the day before. But her father forced her to stay in bed just in case if there were more signs of another illness. But it was fun. She, Finn and the rest of the group agreed to become a band. Their first concert was happening Red Fountain the next day and right now Sena and Finn were walking to their final band practice holding hands. Sena began to think about how it all happened.

Open Flashback

"Hey guys I was wondering since we're really good at playing instruments and singing that we could form a band," Luka said as he began to play his guitar.

"That sounds like a great idea Luka but what do we call ourselves," Shun asked smiling.

"I know. How about the Birdies," Sena suggested. Immediately everyone including General Aidan began to laugh really hard.

"What," Sena asked surprised.

"Sena I love you with all my heart but that has got to be the worst name in the entire universe," General Aidan said trying hard to stop laughing.

"Okay Smartypants you tell us what we should name our band," Sena said as she gave him a playful punch on the arm.

"Wait a minute Sena. You might just get us started. How about the Phoenixes," Galetea said happily.

"I vote on Phoenixes," Finn said jumping up.

"Me too," Luka said as he stopped playing.

"Then it's settled. From now on we're a band called the Phoenixes," Shun said as he began to work on flyers for the concert.

End Flashback

"Sena are you daydreaming again," Finn said as he waved a hand in front of Sena's face making her laugh.

"Nope," Sena said as they arrived to practice.

Chapter 7

It was the day of the concert in Red Fountain and a lot of people were already taking their seats including Shun's older brother Helia with his friends. Even backstage the band was almost ready. Shun was testing his drums. Luka was plugging in his keyboard. Finn was tuning his guitar while Galetea was tuning her bass. Sena was practicing some last minute dance moves.

They were playing the songs Shine (Sena) , At the beginning (Finn and Sena) , Move with The crowd (Sena) , Hey Now (Sena) , Everyday (Finn and Sena) , I Wanna Know You (Shun and Galetea) , and It Girl (Luka) in the following order.

Once the curtain opened Shun spotted Helia in the front row with his friends with a glare on his face but Shun didn't care. Soon with their que Finn began to play the guitar with Sena singing Shine and the rest of them doing some harmony.

(1'st' Face)

There's a place you can go where your heart is free

There's a rythm that's right for your soul

Take a breath find your courage and make the leap

Cause your feet always know where to go


And you dance and you dance in an endless flow

In the grace of a perfect design

Stepping out of the dark and into the glow

And the whole world will see when you shine

You can shine


(2'nd' Face)

There's a beauty already inside of you

There's a difference that only you'll make

Every place that you spin brings you somewhere new

Finding hope every step that you take


And you dance and you dance in an endless flow

In the grace of a perfect design

Stepping out of the dark and into the glow

And the whole world will see when you shine

You can shine


(3'rd' Face)

Suddenly sparkling bright

Making a magical light you will

Sisters are there by your side

Love will be your guide


And we dance and we dance in an endless flow

In the grace of a perfect design

Stepping out of the dark and into the glow

And the whole world will see when we shine

You can shine


Soon in the middle of Shine everyone was dancing. Including Helia and his friends. Once the concert was over the audience clapped and threw flowers at Shun and his friends as they bowed. Accidently Helia threw a rose and it landed in Shun's mouth making Shun give him a huge glare and turn his head away with angry tears streaming through his cheeks. Once the band got backstage the Winx were waiting for them. Seeing them Shun forced a smile.

"You guys were amazing," Bloom said as they each gave the team a boquet of flowers making Shun give them and actual smile.

"Thanks," Finn said smiling.

"Sena those dance moves were really cool. Who taught you those moves," Layla/Aisha asked curiously.

"I taught her those moves," Luka said as he performed the same dance moves plus a few more moves.

"I was the one who designed the outfits," Galetea said as she showed them the outfits.

"Very stylish," Stella said as she looked at them.

"Shun can we talk tomorrow after class," Flora asked hoping that Shun wouldn't be mad at her because of Helia.

"Meet at my room after class. If I'm not there then that means that I don't want to talk to you," Shun said harshly.

This is actually a story I wrote. I hope you enjoyed it even though its not finished.