So, sup? 

I'm not entirely sure if you read my profile or not, but anyways, i'm Ari, and i have a few questions to as this shows airing and stuff. 

I know that this isn't Japanese as there's a Korean dub, if i remember correctly, but i wonder if the English dub showed in countries like Philippines and Malaysia, and if they sold any merchandise, because i can't seem to find any at the moment. 

Up until now, i only watch this on YouTube, though i'm not so sure how far it goes there, so, maybe, if someone can please give me a link in either English dub of English sub of as much as you can? It'd be a huge help. 

Anywho, i have to go shape up my TaiChi character knowledge so that tomorrow, my friend won't laugh for me not remembering much, as i only remember a few that aren't coming to me right now. See yah. 

Ari out.