Everybody who edits a wiki this is how u add a Character template, and edit it.

  1. While editing look under add features and media
  2. You will see Categories and Templates
  3. When u see Templates do not click any other template but the Infobox Template
No Title

No Title

No information

The template will look like this until you edit it.

Adding images

  1. To add a picture go under Images and put in File:[image name]
  1. then you put a reasonable number in imagewidth to changed the length and width of the the image.

Template Looks

  1. In Row 1 put the Race info
  2. In Row 2 Occupation:Job and info
  3. In Row 3 put the Gender and info
  4. In Row 4 put the family
  5. Finally in Row 5 put in the Allies