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  • I live in Dallas, Texas
  • I was born on June 4
  • My occupation is Editor, Muay Thai Trainee
  • I am Male
  • Blaze22b

    Alright if i remember correctly this is how u make a chat box on a wiki here it is.


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  • Blaze22b

    Temporary Chat Box

    May 4, 2012 by Blaze22b

    .sorry gues i couldnt post the chat box right on this blog for some reason it wouldnt let me put in the embed code so all i have for u guys is the link. I have added a new link that i will be able to see or might be able to responde to

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  • Blaze22b

    This is a Rai and Sena Couple Fanfiction i found on the internet :D

    Tai Chi Chasers: Letter from the Heart ~

    In the sky hovering over the planet Earth, there appears to be a large airship with a tiger like face on the nose of the craft. It is the Tigeroid airship, home to the secret heroes of the planet, the Tai Chi Chasers. And on board the craft, we find the Tigeroid children doing their daily chores around the ship. We find Tori washing dishes in the kitchen as Donha passed by with a mop in hand.

    " got dish duty again Tori?" Donha asked. Tori turned around and chuckled, giving a light nod.

    "And I guess you got handed the mop." Tori chuckled. Donha glanced at the mop and nodded.

    "Yep! So...did you hear where Rai is? I haven't seen him…

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  • Blaze22b

    Chat Box on Wiki

    April 29, 2012 by Blaze22b

    This Wiki needs a Chat Box like other wikis how do other wikis get chat boxes anyways is it something that the creator adds to the wiki or idk. seriously this wiki needs a chat box

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  • Blaze22b

    Everybody who edits a wiki this is how u add a Character template, and edit it.

    1. While editing look under add features and media
    2. You will see Categories and Templates
    3. When u see Templates do not click any other template but the Infobox Template
    4. The template will look like this until you edit it.

    Adding images

    1. To add a picture go under Images and put in File:[image name]
    1. then you put a reasonable number in imagewidth to changed the length and width of the the image.

    Template Looks

    1. In Row 1 put the Race info
    2. In Row 2 Occupation:Job and info
    3. In Row 3 put the Gender and info
    4. In Row 4 put the family
    5. Finally in Row 5 put in the Allies
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