The Tigeroids are one of the two major species of creatures in Tai-Chi Chasers and each of the protagonists are a member of this race. They currently are at battle with the evil Dragonoids to collect the powerful Tai Chi symbols before the other.


All Tigeroids have one thing in common with one another. They each have tiger striped markings somewhere on their bodies (usually on their faces and arms). Its unknown how they can trigger this transformation, though Rai first did it when he was overcome with fury over losing his home and possibly his mother to the evil Dragonoid Luka.

Another feature that only Rai has shown so far is that he can sense an attack coming his way before hand and dodge it quickly. Its unknown if the other Tigeroids have this sense. It is also mentioned that Tigeroids are weaker underwater, as their Tai Chi attacks seem to lose strength compared to a Dragonoid.

Known Tigeroids