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Spirit, Tai Chi Chaser




Mom and Dad


Tai Chi Chasers, Komorka, Tigeroids, Phoebe (Season 3), Luka (Season 3), Jahara (Season 3), Duran


Dragonoids, General Mischka, Emepror Diga



First Appearance

Episode 1

Hak is a member of the Tigeroid species and is a member of the Tai Chi Chasers. He is very different from the others, appearing as a small cat with powers that allows him to sense Tai Chi symbols. This makes him the symbol of the Tigeroids. His voice actor is David Willis in the dub.


Hak is a small white cat with tiger striped markings on his body. But this does not mean he is the only of his kind as another was seen aboard the ship of Sena's father, but with a goldish fur color instead.


Hak is a cat who always keeps his eyes focused on the mission of finding the Tai Chi symbols. He is good friends with everyone on the team and usually remains quiet when feuds break out between them. But even he cannot stay quiet forever (such as when he yells out loud when he cannot take anymore of Sena and Rai arguing).

Hak's power to sense Tai Chi symbols is great. He also seems to play some part in powering the ship, such as when Sena orders him to increase the ship's speed. But he cannot sense those when there is too much interference, like in a giant city.


Hak acts as the "Tai Chi radar" of the team. For the most case of the first episodes, he is nothing but a Tai Chi radar for the team to find the cards. he got mad when Rai called him a cat.

Later in the series, after Komorka left and the team fired themselves up to do their best without her, Hak felt he was no longer needed and eventually left the airship. He lands in a nearby city below during a thunderstorm before being found by a girl named Yuri. She calls him "Whitey" and promises to take care of him, bringing him home with her. When they enter her home, he finds a "friend" waiting for him, a recently fled Duran. Its revealed that Duran and Hak are actually best friends rather than hated enemies, seen as they shake hands and call each other "buddy" when they first see each other again.

It soon becomes a battle of affection between the two as they don't want to be left behind by Yuri in their times of need. But soon, Hak sees that the Chasers have come searching for him and he is tearfully reunited with his friends. After discovering that Yuri's affections were only caused by a Tai Chi symbol, he feels dumbstruck and tear ridden alongside Duran. But before leaving, the Chasers agree to bring him one last time to her home, feeling a slight "liking" from her, despite her dislike of cats. He then returned to the airship with the Chasers.