Elder Sid
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Tigeroids (season 2), Tai Chi Chasers (season 2), Finn (season 3)


Dragonoids (season 2), Tigeroids (season 3), Tai Chi Chasers (other than Finn) (season three)



First Appearance

Episode 22

Elder Sid is a member of the Tigeroid race. He is one of the Tigeroid's Three Great Elders along with Elder Komorka and Elder Pyron. He was reveal to be the spy for the Dragonoids. His voice actor is Marc Thompson in the 4kids dub.


Elder Sid is an elderly man. He has grey hair, a moustasche on his face (similar to General Aidan but longer). Like Komorka, he wears a cloak and carries a staff with him. Instead of his cloak being brown like Komorka, it is blueish gray instead.

He has not shown his Tigeroid state.


Elder Sid is a very wise man and has a lot of Tai Chi knowledge. He always stays on tasks, but worries about how other will do it (such as when he asked Sena if the rest of the Chasers will be fine on their own). When the Chasers first meet him, he reveals that he was Finn's mentor in Tai Chi. However, he is actually loyal to the Dragonoids to the point when he betrayed the Tigeroids by informing the Dragonoids about the Tigeroid's secret hideout. Elder Sid was also very cunning, as he was willing to get Rai arrested in order to avoid being caught by his fellow Tigeroids, and was willing to help them vote to free Rai in order to prevent others from knowing that he was a spy. Sid was proven to be ruthless to his enemies if not more ruthless than Diga himself, as he was willing to destroy others, as revealed when he used that unknown card to nearly destroy Luka and the others.

Meeting the Chasers


Elder Sid's conversation with the Chasers.

der Sid first appeared on the Tiger Aiship, when he was to be escourted to the Sages Conference. He seemed to be familiar with everyone (including Rai). In the airship he explained to the Chasers what will be discussed at the conference and how they will confront Diga's powers. After his conversation with the Chasers he then took of to the Sages Conference.

Along the way, they were being followed by Luka and Garnia, under orders from Mischa. But fortunately, the Chasers tricked the Dragonoids away and stalled them long enough for their ship to reach the sight of the conference and safely dropped off Sid.

What To Do With Rai

Elder Sid, along with General Aiden and Elder Komorka, chose to let Rai go (as to prevent others from being suspicious of him due to his role as a Dragonoid Spy). Unfortunately they were outvoted by the other Tigeroids who voted for Rai to be turned to stone.

Elder Sid showed his true colors