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Lord Gherba (creator/father),
the rest of the Dragonoid Assault Squad (siblings),
Finn (little brother), ,
Rai (older brother),
Laura (step-mom)


Dragoniod Assault Squad, Dragoniods


Tai Chi Chasers



First Appearance

Episode 21

Dag is a member of the Dragonoid Assault Squad, and also a warrior of the Dragonoid Race. He is a strong fighter who has eating habits like Donha.

His most used Tai Chi card is Po, the Cannon.



Dag using the Cannon Tai Chi

g is a member of the Dragonoid Assault Squad. He is the tallest member of the squad (like Donha is to the Chasers). He wears the Dragonoid Assault Squad uniform that consists of a dragon armor, a black turtleneck shirt, blue and gray pants, blue kneepads, and a walkie talkie on his right ear.

He grows scales on his face when transforming into his Dragonoid form.


Dag is a Dragonoid Warrior who has eating habits. He has a similar personality to Lita. He does not talk much, he usually works in pairs (Once with Lita and the other with Jakata), and he is loyal to his teammates and he always wants a job well done. Unlike Lita, he likes to battle.


Along with his other teammates, Dag was sent to earth to replace the original Dragonoid warriors. He was moslty silent then not saying anything much.

Later when his team met the Chasers, he battled along with Lita against Donha and Tori. He used his cannon tai chi as a weapon and his "leftovers" as bullets. He was in the winning streak, until at the end when when Rai clobbered him and his teammates. He was last seen eating with his fellow teammates.

On his next mission, he was assigned to steal the Tigeroid's Tai Chi characters with Jakata. He used his cannon tai chi to break inside. He and Jakata faced Komorka later,who was guarding the Tai Chi Storage Chamber. The two battled against Komorka, who used the Darkness Tai Chi to capture them. After escaping, they both discover they were sinking into the darkness from which they couldn't return. But when Hannah appears, unknowingly holding the Tai Chi characters in a necklace on her neck, Jakata captures her and orders Komorka to release them unless she wanted Hannah dragged into the darkness with her. Komorka had no choice but to release them and opened the doorway to the storage chamber. But upon entering, Jakata noticed the Tai Chi symbols were gone and that Komorka would never tell them where they were.


Dag transformed into a doll after attacked by Mischka

But he eventually figured out that they were hidden in Hannah's necklace, which they stole before escaping. Dag is chased by Rai, after he defeated Jakata, only to be saved by Mischka warping him back to the ship. Mischka orders Dag to give him the characters, but he tells of his orders to bring them to the emperor. But Mischka soon attacks Dag and turns him into a doll, taking the characters from him.